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Abraham Lincoln: Egalitarian or Separatist?
Item number: 142
May, 2009 in Hillsboro, WV

Item number: 891
May 26-27, 2007 in Hillsboro, WV

Speakers include Paul Fromm, Lady Michele Renouf, Arthur Butz, Knud Eriksen, Dr. Ed Fields, Willis Carto, Joe McGinness, and Erich Gliebe. This is a 3 DVD set.

National Vanguard, No. 137
Item number: 3137
by National Vanguard Books

Misguided Patriots -- How the Confederacy got it Wrong


  • Features:
    • Heroes of Our Race: Jan Sobieski, Savior of Vienna and Conqueror of the Turks
    • Philosophy -- Nature's Dialectic: The Antithesis to a False Premise
    • An Anti-White Hoax: The "Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy" Exposed
    • Photo Feature: Before and After: The Effect of More than 30 Years of Negro Rule
  • U.S. News:
    • Bush Regime's Lies about Iran's Nuclear Aims Dismissed by U.N.
    • Non-White Invasion Causing Lower Workforce Literacy
    • Negroes Responsible for 80% of Street Crime in Minneapolis
  • World News:
    • Muslims Must Leave Holland: Dutch Politician
    • Bulgaria: Unearthed Temples
    • Canadian Court Strikes Down Law Used to Deport Zundel
  • Plus All Your Favorite Features and Much More!
32 pages, full color, glossy cover

National Vanguard, No. 136
Item number: 3136
by National Vanguard Books

Mexico: The Unfinished War


  • Features:
    • The Founding Fathers Betrayed: How America has been Usurped, Part 2 by Richard Preston
    • Old-Time Patriotism vs. White Racialism by Erich Gliebe
    • The Myth of Mahatma Gandhi by Arthur Kemp
    • Jim Ring's The Bell: Everything Isn't Just Black or White; What's In Between Isn't White Either
    • Who are the True Native Americans? by Ed Bicker
    • The White Movement by Edward Prescott
  • U.S. News:
    • Business as Usual in New Orleans
    • High Aids Rate for Negroes in Colorado
    • US Taxpayers to Fund Iraqi Jobs
    • Iraq Study Group Identifies Jewish Lobby, Tells Bush to Stop Lying
    • Whites Blamed for Non-White School Failure
  • World News:
    • Leading British Jew to "Train Europe's Hate Police"
    • Two Thirds of All Rapists in Oslo are Non-White Invaders
    • World's Oldest Independent Negro Nation Still a Mess
    • Sub-Saharan Africa Aids Rate Climbs Again
    • Holocaust Double Standards: Jew Murderer Will not Be Deported
    • David Irving Not Remorseful After Jail
  • Letters to the Editor
32 pages, full color, glossy cover

Item number: 890

A documentary exposing the criminalization of historical enquiry and expression, including first-hand accounts from those attending the trial of British historian David Irving who is currently incarcerated in Vienna, Austria, for talking about events that happened (or not, as the case may be) more than sixty years ago.

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