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11-07-09   2009 National Alliance Leadership Conference Chairman's Address
As Chairman of our organization, I would like to welcome all of you to the Fall Leadership Conference of the National Alliance. I hope that, following this weekend, each of you here today will return home with a renewed sense of urgency and purpose. Our task will not be achieved on its own, with us and our kinsfolk watching it happen on television. It can only be achieved by focused and intense purpose and effort. That purpose and effort begins with the people in this room.

10-31-09  From Richmond to Radicalism
The average American looks at our society today and wonders how we got to the point at which a 15-year-old girl can be beaten, robbed, and gang-raped outside her high school on Homecoming Night. That, of course, is what happened outside Richmond High School in Richmond, California on the night of Friday, October 23. What would cause a gang of Latinos to assault a female without letup for more than two hours? The Jews have a word for that: hate. Hate is what is behind such an attack. And whom, we might ask, do some Latino youths hate more than anyone else? Look in the mirror.

10-24-09  The Affirmatively Activated Nobel Prize
Anyone with any kind of intelligence realizes that the ONLY reason Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, is because of race. Were he White, he never would have won the award, and he never would have even been considered as a presidential candidate. Now the good news from our perspective is that this is just another blatant demonstration of the anti-White agenda that permeates throughout the world. And we must remember that the Nobel Committee isn't really concerned with bettering the world, at least not from a White perspective. After all, they have given the award in recent years to Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and others who either demeaned White America with their actions or jumped aboard schemes to bring America into the "world community" by backing anti-White causes.

10-10-09  Building a New House
We have learned the hard way that sometimes problems are interrelated, and that to solve one of them, you have to take action to solve them all. That is the situation our race is in with regard to the economy. The economy is one issue, one little part of the entire problem, and if we try to "fix" the economy without straightening out the conflict between the races in our society, we are going to end up wasting our time. The National Alliance is the organization in the United States that seeks to address in a holistic way the many problems afflicting the White race. We have an all-encompassing worldview that is based on the facts of biology and history, and we seek other Whites of good will who refuse to cave in to the materialism that most people bow down to today.

10-03-09  Shiny on the Outside, Rot on the Inside
The federal government gives us the impression that it has everything under control, that it is monitoring the situations on both the domestic front and the international. But all of these outer trappings are masking the truth. The truth is that, like Rome, the core and soul of America is rotted. As in Rome, the mosaic of races and religions and ideas and values in the U.S. has destroyed whatever unity and common purpose once existed. As in Rome, there is no longer a united vision in America as to what the nation is and what it should do. As with Rome, the American house still looks pretty well kept from the outside, but the inside is filled with termites, mice, and other vermin, and there is significant structural deterioration and water damage. As with Rome, America is going down, but the crash will be much bigger than the one the world heard when Rome imploded.

09-26-09  The Devolution of Rock
Music has the ability to appeal to the emotions like no other art form. It can reach into a person's soul; it can touch their race soul. The National Alliance and Resistance Records will continue to use racialist music as a vehicle to reach our youth. Its potential hasn't even scratched the surface yet. National Alliance founder Dr. William Pierce hated Rock music; he detested the sound of it. However, he realized that two or three generations had been raised on it, and that if we were to reach our youth, we needed to go to where they were at, and not where we'd like them to be. Dr. Pierce realized that we'd be unable to reach today's youth with Bach and Beethoven, but with bands on the Resistance label such as the Angry Aryans, Bound For Glory, and Max Resist.

09-19-09  Fairness and Political Will
There are two underlying issues coming to a head in the debate over universal healthcare. One is that of fairness. In the midst of every media voice and most of the political world demanding that the United States government and its people give to illegal immigrants everything they demand - including citizenship, medical insurance, welfare benefits, free education, high-paying jobs, and so on - there is the issue as to whether all of that whining and demanding makes sense in terms of what is fair to the rest of us.

09-12-09  The Lion of the Senate
A few weeks ago Edward "Ted" Kennedy passed away at the age of 77. Known as the "Lion of the Senate" by his supporters, he was probably the most influential senator of the last forty years. I'm not, however, going to aggrandize him in death beyond what we did during his life. In truth, Kennedy was never a friend of White people. One could also argue that he was no friend of the United States when it came to opposing communism at home and abroad. Let's take a moment then and remember the real Ted Kennedy.

09-05-09  Time for a Paradigm Shift
Our race has transitioned through a series of paradigm shifts throughout our history. The current Jewish led paradigm of multiculturalism has so thoroughly saturated our society that, like all paradigms, it has passed the point at which most people question it. Like the child who accepts that Mom and Dad are smarter and stronger, Americans today don't give multiculturalism a second thought. It is just the way things are. Or at least that's what it appears to be. We in the National Alliance are advancing a new paradigm. A paradigm that states that one should be proud of one's race and that each race should be free to isolate itself from the others to pursue its own place in the universe. In particular, for our people, the White race should be free to establish a White racial homeland, rather than force our people to intermingle with members of other races, as at present.

08-29-09  A Life of Meaning
The White people we are targeting most right now are the ones who have the independence of mind and the will to act for the betterment of the race, even though at the present time it would seem like there are few payoffs for the individual. We're not looking for the "what's in it for me" people, because we can't offer the tangible benefits that those people are looking for: more cash on hand and a bigger stock portfolio.No, all we can offer are the intangibles: a sense of accomplishment when a job is well done, the contentedness that comes with knowing one is doing the right thing, and the joy of living for something bigger - much bigger, in this case - than oneself.

08-22-09   What It's All About
What I want to do today is to focus on the most basic issue - that is, the most fundamental issue - that our race must come to grips with today. That most basic issue is the simple survival of our people: whether or not the Earth will continue to note the existence and contributions of the White race. And not only must our race come to grips with that issue, it must also aggressively address that issue and eventually solve it. In one way or another, in the not-too-distant future, the issue itself will cease to remain an issue: Either we will have overcome our present reluctance to act on behalf of our race and will again flourish as did our ancestors, or we will be wiped out by the more aggressive races who show no qualms about directing their altruism toward only their own kind.

08-15-09   The War on Our Women
Because the Jewish-controlled news media doesn't want you to know, you probably haven't heard that since 2004, Black men in America have raped some 100,000 White women. That is a staggering 20,000 Black-on-White rapes per year. Based on these numbers, a Black man could be raping a White woman at any given time. During these same years, not a single legitimate case of a White man raping a Black woman has been reported. What does this mean?

08-08-09  Muddling in the Middle East
If we remember back far enough, one of former President George W. Bush's first international moves after the tragedy of September 11th was to invade Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden, who is a native of Saudi Arabia, was believed to be hiding out there and he had claimed responsibility for the attacks, so we sent in the troops in early October of 2001 and kicked the ruling Taliban out, all the while looking without success for Bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda kingpins. Whether Bush's desire to find a man who was hiding out in the mountains of Afghanistan was sufficient justification for the United States to invade the country is still a matter of debate, but the fact remains that that's what happened.

08-01-09  Calm, but Fanatical

It has been seven years since the death of National Alliance founder Dr. Pierce. A lot has happened in our organization in those seven years. For one thing, just like they did while Dr. Pierce was with us, our enemies have been trying to break us down. They have used the Internet to defame us in the eyes of potential recruits in the public and to cause dissension within our ranks. They railroaded our former Chairman Shaun Walker by manipulating the corrupt System - trumping him up on bogus charges and getting him locked away for several years.

07-25-09   Addressing the Problem

The sequence that President Obama recounted in his speech to the NAACP last Thursday is the basic format for almost any large-scale political change. The White Racialist Cause is trying to follow much the same pattern. There are a few men who have provided the vision, among them Adolf Hitler, Dr. William Pierce, Dr. Revilo Oliver, and William Simpson. We have a basic plan of attack; namely, to try to inform others about what the state of our race is what it is today and how things got that way, and secondly, to try to inspire them to become active agents in bringing about the changes that are so desperately needed for our race to survive.

07-11-09   Choose and Act Wisely
The choices that we make as individuals have a ripple effect on the rest of the world, just like the effects of South Carolina's governor's choices have been rippling through the media world for the last two weeks. The same rippling effect is true for Patrick Burris, Steve McNair, and Michael Jackson, to varying degrees of course. The courses that their lives took have caused the world itself to take a certain and unique course. And in the same way, the course of each of our lives -- through the choices we make -- causes the world to take a certain and unique course. It might not be as big a ripple as Michael Jackson's, but then again, it might. In other words, we are living today what tomorrow we will call history. By our actions today, we are acting out the history of the world. Let's choose and act wisely.

07-04-09   The Induced Generation Gap
There is indeed a generation gap today. If this proves nothing else, it proves that Dr. Pierce was right in arguing that political conservatism is doomed to failure in a democracy. As he pointed out, when progressives take power they move things slightly in their direction. When conservatives retake power they have to hold the line established by progressives so that things don't change to their detriment. Then, when progressives retake power, they move things slightly more in their direction. In other words, progressives, by their nature, are change agents on the offensive, and conservatives, by their nature, are defenders of cultural beliefs and values that are constantly being eroded by the opposition, by people who see the world in a different way. Nobody ever won a war by constantly playing defense, and conservatives are doomed to lose the culture war if it continues to be fought within a democratic system.

06-27-09   Iran, Democracy, and the Media
And no matter what news gets out of Iran -- whether it's good news or bad -- the Jew-dominated Western media certainly aren't going to go out of their way to give us much of a balanced look at things. Perhaps the strangest thing about mass democracy in the United States today is that few people seem to understand the role played by the mass media of news and entertainment in the operation and manipulation of that system. The media -- or, more specifically, the men who control the media -- influence mass democracy in two ways: first, they steer people's thoughts in whatever direction they choose, and second, they exert a strong influence in the election of the particular person that they prefer in a slate of candidates.

06-20-09   Keep Walking and Keep Humming
Erich Gliebe says, 'I'm suggesting that we take on the System, not as individuals, but as a group, a group that -- for the foreseeable future -- chooses to abide by the laws of the land because that behavior is in our own best interest at the moment. If conditions change, then our position on that issue might change. After all, the laws of life stand above the laws of governments, but we'll play their game until we can form our own government, by which we can enact laws of government that are in true alignment with the laws of life. So until then, we need to just keep walking and, while we're walking, keep humming. We've just got to keep doing what we're doing, and do it as well as we can. We've got to get out of our minds the desire to see immediate, large-scale results from our work: that attitude will only result in frustration and discouragement. What we do for the Cause of the Alliance we must do because we WANT to do it, whether or not it brings us our White homeland within the next two years or ten years or twenty years."

06-13-09   A Matter of Motivation
There are some Whites who have really bought into all the sticky-soft, bland, multicultural crap and, yes, they are probably beyond repair. But how many of the silent ones -- the ones who are toeing the line out of fear -- are experiencing a reemergence of strength inside? Could the external motivation -- the control -- that has been imposed on White Americans be leading to an eventual collapse of that System of external control?

06-06-09   Obama's Anti-White Supreme Court Nominee

05-30-09   Nukes in the News

05-23-09   Making an Impact

05-16-09   What's in the News?
Erich Gliebe says, "The Mexicans make up an interesting segment of the U.S. population. For one thing, you never know which ones are here legally and which ones are illegal immigrants. If you make the mistake of mentioning that fact to your typical pansy-ass, White nitwit multiculturalist, you will get an indignant response along the lines of, 'Why are you even bringing this up?' And from the government and media's point of view -- which is the lead that nitwits follow in choosing what to think about anything -- the guy has a point. I mean, the government obviously doesn't give a damn about which Mexicans are legal and which ones are illegal, so why should any of the rest of us? Well, we in the National Alliance care about the racial makeup of the White world; that's why we care." Erich Gliebe also discusses John Demjanjuk.

05-09-09   A Lasting Commitment
The National Alliance believes that the human beings that are most closely linked -- that is, the races -- should remain separate and distinct and unique. Those opposing us believe quite the opposite: that all of the races should be mixed -- that husbands and wives should be of different races, for example -- so that the end result is an averaging of the races in terms of, most visibly, skin color. But far more important than skin color -- far more different than skin color -- are the many unique traits that each race possesses: not just physical traits, such as skin color and eye color and hair color, but also mental and psychological traits such as creativity, the ability to abstract, qualities of temperament, and so on. Suppose someone suggested that we must do everything possible to make sure that all of the varieties of beer -- stouts, ales, lagers, and so on -- are mixed so as to create a single type of mongrelized beer. It could have the brand name "Mongrel." The ad campaigns would have interesting slogans: "After a long day, kick back with your mutt and a Mongrel." Anyone can see this would ruin beer, why can't people see it also ruins the human race?

05-02-09   Tea Parties in America
Having been denigrated, robbed of their rights, and indoctrinated in guilt, White middle class America has for decades retreated from active citizenship and settled for action-less complaining. Perhaps a significant number of the White middle class are no longer willing to be afraid to speak out for fear of being called racist. Perhaps they are beginning to accept that they are actually the victims of reverse racism. Perhaps they are tired of being identified as American villains and as the world's villains. As the White middle class suffers the brunt of the racial and economic problems America has experienced for decades, it is just possible that they are starting to wake up.

04-25-09   Some Things Don't Change (Easily)
Erich Gliebe says, "one might think that President Obama would continue the trend and take a new look at positions and policies that have held the reins in America for quite a few years. But there is a limit to Obama's willingness to turn over a new leaf, and you'll never guess what powerful group of people it involves. Well, if you have been listening to these broadcasts for a while, so that you have a good grasp on who possesses and wields the lion's share of the political power in the United States, maybe you will guess correctly. Is it any surprise that we are talking here about the Jews?"

04-18-09   Lawmakers Causing Problems
Illegal aliens don't just break immigration laws. States with "three strikes and you're out" laws are now finding their prisons bursting at the same time the budgets are being cut. So what should we do? Well, obviously we must eliminate the harsh sentencing laws, right? We need to free up prison space by placing more criminals on the street. No, that isn't what we must do -- but that is what we are doing! Our nation's politicians are more concerned with protecting illegals than they are with the safety of U.S. citizens. If deportation of illegals were coupled with tight border enforcement, or in other words, if our immigration laws were followed, we would largely solve the current prison overcrowding problem. Is White America really helpless? We are helpless and we will remain helpless as long as we remain a mere unorganized lot of complainers. Mestizos, Blacks, gays, and many other Leftist groups are organized. Until Whites organize they will continue to be stepped on.

04-11-09   Live Now
Erich Gliebe says, "We need to take some advice from perhaps the greatest American of the 20th Century. Instead of wasting time and energy wanting this or that in our future, instead of wasting time and energy complaining about the past or about what's going on on our southern border or in Washington right now, we need to take each day on its own merits. We need to avoid getting overly negative -- and yes, even overly positive -- about everything and just keep our focus on what is within reach right now. And using that focus, we need to really dig our teeth into this day -- into the present moment -- and go where our instincts lead us."

04-04-09   What is an American?
Our Founding Fathers had the vision that America would be -- and stay -- a White nation. And what exactly is a "nation"? Is it simply a geographical land mass enclosed between two lines on a map and two large bodies of water? No. Is a nation the government body that presides over it? Hardly. A nation is a biological entity; an extended racial family. And this is what every White person living throughout the world needs to realize, because the non-White races understand this concept and, for the most part, practice racial loyalty. The America of 2009 does not now, and nor has it for several decades, represent the America that our Founding Fathers had envisioned. America today represents the failed experiment of multiracialism, a social engineering project that has exploded into misery, mistrust, envy, and chaos.

03-28-09   What's Going On
Erich Gliebe discusses recent attempts at gun control and the illegal immigration situation. Pieces of legislation like H.R. 45 and the Ammunition Accountability Act -- failed or not -- are of concern to White Americans because they are not directed at the criminal element of the population who routinely use guns in their everyday activities: drug smuggling and distribution; gang-related, organized crime; and so on. They are directed at law-abiding citizens like you and me who would only dream of using a firearm in the most dire of situations, such as needing to protect ourselves or our family members from intruders. Many law-abiding people also want to be armed in case the economic crisis snowballs and widespread rioting and chaos occur.

03-21-09   So What If the White Race Doesn't Survive?
Even if White culture is transmitted to future non-White populations, the racial stock capable of building on it will no longer exist. White culture will probably not be transmitted, but if it is, such a transmission is casting pearls before swine. Students of the future will rebel at being taught Shakespeare because he represents all that they have been taught to resent. So goodbye Homer and Dante, and hello Eldridge Cleaver and Ralph Ellison. And hello to the mestizo author of the easy-to-read House on Mango Street, an assigned book these days because it gives a multicultural viewpoint accessible to semi-literate college students.

03-14-09   What to Expect from Obama
No matter what Obama's views on any subject, he showed early in the campaign that his mind could be changed so that he more closely toed the official Jewish party line. When Obama was first elected as a Senator from Illinois, he was outspoken in his vehement opposition to any further military action in Iraq; he demanded that all U.S. troops be brought home. When the Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton began to heat up, there was a subtle but noticeable dampening of that zeal. By the end of the Presidential campaign, Obama talked no differently than Bush about what should be done with our troops in Iraq, except that he spoke a little more eloquently and without a Texas drawl. Could he be MORE likely to bring the U.S. into a war on Iran than the Republicans ever would have been? By all means!

03-07-09   The White Man's Burden
It has always been the National Alliance's position that all races are unique, including the White race, and that the White race is worth preserving. However, it is also our contention that White people are the foundation for almost every advance in modern society: in technology, medicine, education, etc. And without White people, major advances will grind to a standstill. On the other hand, many White people are the greatest enemies of the White race.

02-28-09   Stimulus and Reality
Erich Gliebe says, "I fully admit that I am no economist, so it could be that the dumping of billions of taxpayers' money into the financial sector of the economy really IS the best way to combat the depression. I honestly don't know. But even if I could be assured that saving the banks is the best course of action to take, I still wonder at the long-term effects. Doesn't the entire system depend on the production of goods that result in the creation of wealth? I understand that a lot of people can make a living by just pushing information around or pushing money around or buying goods cheap and selling them for more without producing anything, but at some point, doesn't someone have to BUILD or MAKE something? Economic lightweight that I am, nonetheless I am still convinced that the answer to that question is: YES."

02-21-09   Cuckoo
The Alliance is not a hate group. We believe that all races are unique -- including the White race -- and that the White race is worth preserving and fighting for. We oppose any and all attempts to impose another race's values upon us. Factions of the Jewish faith and culture have historically sought to invade other cultures like cuckoos invade the nests of other birds. Cuckoos lay their eggs in other nests and depart. They don't build nests themselves; they use the nests of other birds. When their eggs hatch, the young cuckoos destroy the other birds in the nest. If unchecked, soon there are many cuckoos and very few other birds. Like cuckoos, Jews did not build nations. Instead, they have settled in lands and cultures built by others. They have rarely if ever assimilated, although to the naked eye they appear to blend in.

02-14-09   Love Your Race
White racialists want a common future for our people. Actually, let me rephrase that: White racialists want a positive common future for our people, a progressive common future for our people, and a hopeful common future for our people. The truth of the matter is that our race is already headed for a common future; unfortunately, it is a bleak common future, a common future in which our people lose control over their destiny, a common future in which our people die out or dissolve away by intermingling with other races. If on this Valentine's Day we devote ourselves to loving our race, our future can be good one.

02-07-09   Museum of Oppression Returns to EIU
Erich Gliebe discuses the extreme Political Correctness of a mostly White college: the Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois,. They are bringing back the "Beyond Words: Museum of Oppression" for its eighth annual appearance. They also have a "Human Race Machine" with which people can take a digital photo of themselves and have the machine show them what they would theoretically look like if they were members of six different races. And naturally they have a long line of anti-White lecturers set up too. Yes Obama was elected, but Whites are still evil!

01-31-09   The Courage of Hope
These are dark times, economically speaking, but the darkness isn't just limited to the economy. The percentage of non-Whites in the population of the United States is growing with each passing day, while the percentage of Whites is falling. And the non-White population tends to be a younger population, which means that -- in addition to the non-White birthrate being higher -- there is a higher percentage of non-Whites having children. Of course, the absolutely inexcusable situation on the southwestern border of the U.S. isn't helping the situation any. That debacle, coupled with our nation having elected one of the most mentally dull Presidents ever, twice, has made America into an international laughingstock. So the country turns darker and the world laughs. However, change is still possible.

01-24-09   "Inauguration"
During his inauguration speech Obama told the masses that in electing him, America had chosen hope over fear. He said we are entering a new era in which the political arguments that separated us in the past will no longer separate us. He said that the ground is shifting under the feet of all political cynics. But surely Obama cannot be that naive. No one person can unite pro-lifers with the pro-choicers, military hawks with the doves, tax cutters with the tax raisers, affirmative action supporters with affirmative action opponents, multiculturalists with defenders of Western Culture, the religious and the non-religious, defenders of gay marriage and opponents of gay marriage, etc. The list could go on forever because America is a deeply divided nation that no charismatic personality can unify. Anyone who cast his vote thinking that such a utopia is around the corner will soon be very disappointed. But then anyone as gullible as that deserves to be disappointed. While Obama's speech was largely feel good drivel, such as might be expected from any politician giving a speech, an interesting anti-White prayer came from Reverend Joseph Lowery.

01-17-09   System Failure
Erich Gliebe says, "If you are a young White who wants to make a real contribution to your people through your vocation, you need to think long and hard about what you want to do and what steps you will need to take to achieve that. Rather than get swastika tattoos up and down your arms, it might be a better long-term choice to blend in and make a conscious effort to get a good education. There are a few qualities that employers find irresistible: top-notch training, a dedication to hard work, and a good attitude. If you have those, no matter how many racial employment quotas need to be filled, you have a good shot at landing the job you want. And if you can help Our Cause in that capacity, that's time well spent."

01-10-09   Race Card Played in Illinois Political Farce
Politics is a very interesting soap opera to some who follow it. It is a tragedy to those following it as a reflection of what America is. Will Bobby Rush and other race-baiters stir up a backlash for Roland Burris that will see Burris seated in the Senate? Will Blago's cynical appointment of a Black be proven insufficient to get his appointee seated and/or enough to get Blago easier treatment by those calling for his impeachment? Indeed the over-all question is a good one: should we expect or require that Blacks fill a certain number of Senate seats? Should we extend affirmative action to that level?

01-03-09   Credit and the Economy
We have allowed our society to be infected with the Jewish idea of rampant buying on credit. This economy based on credit is now teetering on the verge of collapse. Whether the current depression is its death rattle or whether the economy will quicken and will die sometime later following a future downturn, no one knows. But the System that runs on this economy cannot last because it is an economy based not on REAL wealth, but on PERCEIVED wealth. It is an economy that encourages spree spending and an ignorance of future consequences. Our race doesn't need more lessons in choosing an easy, feel-good present at the expense of a stable and secure future. Once this monster of a system collapses, we need to be ready to put in place an economic system that will sustain our people so that we can work on the more important issues of White culture and the White genetic stock.

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